The right kind of exercise is an important factor in maintaining good health.  Exercise improves circulation, relieves tension, helps the body eliminate waste products, improves tissue tone, and promotes structural integrity.  In addition, regular ostropathic manipulation helps maintain structural integrity.

Exercise is all the more important in handicapped persons where their activity is limited by their particular impairment.  The most outstanding example of this is Lisa Ericson, a parplegic who refused to give in to her handicapp.  She developed a series of exercises for herself, and is now a world leader in seated aerobics.  She is the founder and promoter of this program, and is internationally famous.  She also makes a point of getting regular osteopathic treatment.

Harold I. Magoun Jr. D.O., F.A.A.O., D.O. Ed. (Hon)

Denver, Colorado


I started Lisa's seated aerobics program to lose weight, which I did do, and have kept it off. However, the upper body arm movement also gave me a complete return of full motion in my left arm which had been minimized by a surgical procedure. After six months of Lisa's workout I lost 15 pounds, lowered my resting heart rate, toned and strengthened my arms and legs, and I feel terrific. I recommend Lisa's program to anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit - make a commitment to your aerobic health today!!

Mimi Lippincott

Deerfield Beach, FL

I am a T5-6 paraplegic for 12 years.  I gained a lot of weight the past few years which made little things so much more difficult.  I was really active before my accident and had lots of energy.  I went back to work in my wheelchair, but I could not even get through the day.  I started doing Lisa's video four years ago, and it has really given me back my life.  I went to several health clubs where they had some wheelchair classes but they did not give me a workout or get my heart rate up at all.  Also, most of the instructors seemed to not know what we can do in wheelchairs, and the classes were quite boring for me.  I have tried some weight training which is okay, but I wanted to do some endurance work.  Lisa's video gave me that and more!  And since Lisa herself is a T3 paraplegic with balance problems like me, I was so impressed with watching her and what great shape she is in.  She explains everything so well and her video is really an energetic, fun workout!  After about 8 months of doing her tape, I lost 40 pounds and now have enough energy to get through a whole day of work and my boss is very pleased!  I highly recommend Lisa's video if you are serious about your fitness and health and you need a seated exercise class.

Steven Blackwell

Atlanta, Georgia 

I am eleven years old and I have spina bifida.  My mom got me Lisa's video and I really like it a lot.  I follow Lisa from my wheelchair and my mom and my brother do it with me.  We all have a good time, and I can do lots of the moves now.  I am stronger now and can push my own wheelchair more by myself.  I am getting thinner too, and I can buy some new clothes to wear!  I do seated aerobics three times a week and I can show my friends and they think it is really great.  I like doing Lisa's video better than rehab. because it is fun, and I can move fast, and I love to exercise with music really loud.  My doctors and my therapists are so happy I found Lisa and her great video.  My friends didn't know I could do this before and they can't believe it.  My arms are getting so strong now too, even stronger than some of my friends!  I love Lisa's video!

Anna Sanders

Los Angeles, California

I have done Lisa's seated aerobics video for several years and absolutely love it for many reasons.  I could hardly walk, using a cane most of the time, as I needed to have double knee replacement surgery.  Besides losing a lot of weight and really toning and shaping my body, my doctor was so surprised I accomplished all this by exercising sitting down!  I am also a diabetic and after consistently doing Lisa's workout, my sugar levels and my blood pressure were exactly where my doctor wanted them to be.  I would highly recommend Lisa's video to anyone who needs to sit and exercise for any reason at all.  Now that I've had my knee replacement surgery, my doctor wants me to continue to do Lisa's workout to maintain what I have achieved.  Lisa is a great instructor with lots of enthusiasm and energy, and she only wants what is best for her students.  Her seated classes are way ahead of any I've tried before!  She has really original, easy to learn wonderful choreography, that makes this like any other aerobics class, just sitting down.  Others I have tried in chairs have been mostly arm exercises and have been very boring. I also love the way in her program if you can't do a move, she shows you how to modify anything, so you are always able to at least do what you can.  I will definintely continue to do Lisa's video

Vona Williams

Denver, Colorado 

I have a son who has both a spinal cord injury (level T4) and a brain injury.  He was 16 when he was injured and is now 24.  We found Lisa's video when Tony turned 19 and have been using it ever since.  Tony has many problems trying to get any exercise at all, but with Lisa's tape, he has found something he can do on his own, with no real help from any of us.  It gives us joy to see him doing anything that makes him feel even a little independent.  He was very overweight, which was one of the biggest problems for him and for us.  As Lisa so well teaches, Tony just follows the instructors in the tape, and does what he can - since Lisa explains that any move can be done by hardly moving at all, or just modify it as she says, what's important is that he is doing something he enjoys!  He has lost weight and is stronger, but for us he is so much happier, which sometimes is just as or more important.  This is a wonderful seated exercise video and we recommend it for anyone who wants to do a seated workout!

Tammi Shandler

Tampa, Florida

I teach a seniors exercise class at a public recreation center in Melbourne, Australia.  I've used Lisa's video for my students for the past 8 or 9 years.  My students are all above age 70, the oldest being 88.  I love the way Lisa came up with the idea of her movements, linking them together in sequences, and having one of her instructors showing a slower, easier level to follow.  We don't have to do the moves at high speeds or high levels, so we do what we can and make changes in intensity etc. Obviously, every elderly person is different and not everyone could do aerobics, but with a doctor's clearance, my students absolutely love Lisa's seated aerobics class.

S. Lander

Melbourne, Australia

I am a C4 quadriplegic and have done Lisa's seated aerobics for about ten years.  I first started going to her classes at a fitness club in Denver and loved it!  I have some movement in my arms and shoulders, and I am strapped into my chair.  Before this, I couldn't find any kind of fun seated class.  When Lisa left teaching there, I got her video and have used it ever since.  I just do what I can, but if you are hesitant, remember, something is so much better than no movement at all!  Just moving to the music helps more than you will know, and even my breathing got better.  I will continue doing her video and I hope you try it if you want to feel healthier!

Dan Stabler

Denver, Colorado

I came to Lisa's seated aerobics classes when she lived in South Africa.  I am a paraplegic at the level of T10.  Her classes were three times a week and I had never seen anything like this before for people in wheelchairs.  I really learned so much about my body since my paralysis and what I could really do.  I started slowly, and when I learned the moves I couldn't get enough!  I was quite depressed after my injury, because my body wasn't even me anymore.  After Lisa left, I started using her video, and I still use it.  I am now wearing my pre-injury clothes again and I feel the best I've felt since I've been paralyzed.  Her workout is challenging and you really get results.  I just wish Lisa was still teaching us in person, but at least we have her video!  Thanks so much Lisa!

Elise Morkton

Johannesburg, South Africa