About Seated Exercise

Hi! I'm Lisa Ericson. Welcome to my fun and exciting world of health and fitness! Whoever you are and whatever your physical condition, don't deny yourself the pleasures and benefits that come along with being fit. After a lifetime of competitive and professional ice skating, my T-4 incomplete level spinal cord injury changed my life forever. I've created a unique, safe and fun way to get in shape without standing! It really works! REMEMBER: A complete fitness program requires that you eat properly, work on strengthening and toning muscles, and MOST IMPORTANT of all work on keeping your cardiovascular system strong and healthy to help prevent heart disease and keep weight under control. If you are not doing some kind of regular aerobic work (at least 3 times a week) I truly hope that you will give my video tape a try! It will get easier as you do it, and to make it simple to learn I've given you something extra! I've included actual pictures of my moves. Remember, you want to work on blending these movements and patterns together so there is no break in the motion. Try to think of the workout as one continuous sequence of movements. Continuous is the key word to get your heart rate elevated and keep it there long enough so that the workout can be AEROBIC! I want you to have fun getting in shape, and hope that you will make it part of your lifestyle. My instructor Sherri is doing the whole workout at a lower/beginner level so you have a choice of where to begin, depending on your physical condition and ability. Your SAFETY is my primary concern: 1) Please have someone assist you if you need help. 2) My team of instructors and I are leading you through the workout Please take your time and work out at your own individual pace. My program has helped and encouraged hundreds of people get in shape, whether able-bodied or disabled, who didn't know they could get a TRUE AEROBIC WORKOUT from a seated position. As there are many reasons why anyone would want to get their workout from a seated position (problems with knees/ankles etc.), this video tape is for everybody! Following are some basic fitness terms and principles for you to understand before you begin the program. YOU REALLY CAN HAVE MORE ENERGY AND ENDURANCE! There is no time like now to begin. I hope you will enjoy working out with us as much as we have enjoyed putting this tape together for you. Stay happy and healthy.